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Hello, I am  A Hospital Rapper,

This is for all Duvet Darlins and their family and friends who are  out there .

If  you find your self in an alarming situations in your hospital gowns, your bum  hanging out  the back-and your feeling lousy -Then join in with some medical rapping…


The songs are from our first (well only) album and I want you to sing- a- long loudly in every dull oncology waiting room.

In the Future and after our debut gig at Bristol Race for life -I’m thinking of touring all the Oncology car parks of England,Wales and Scotland and with international funding pending, perhaps a tour American hospital car park might be on the cards………


CHOOSE A SONG AND SING ALONG … then you could always make a donation to CLIC Sargent or Cancer Research UK.


We baldy go
where no others have gone before
we chuck our hair products out of the bloody door
no time wasting shaving our legs
instead we just chill out and take expensive meds
Coz we’re worth it


War on cancer, fighting is the key,
but can you hinder the advance
with a cup of herbal tea?


What’s wrong with a good moan
When all’s said and done?
Moaning with tea and an iced bun
is better than committing a bit of arson.
Medicate or meditate?


How to stalk your NHS pharmacist for the lastest best meds?

“I’m going in now
to make a drug deal.
Hope it’s good shit
cause I really need to heal.”


So once and all feck cancer,
‘cos that is the answer.
Be a pill-popping cancer gangster.